What if the car breaks suddenly not work in the car?


Whether the vehicle is running smoothly on the front of the car, sometimes the brake may not work properly. In such cases, we will continue to see what to do to safely escape.

Repairing of car brake and rear mirrors will ensure safe travel before the car goes. However, sometimes the car’s brake may not work properly. The car break will not work when you go on the road.

It is difficult to control the car even if the car’s brake does not work and how much efficient driver. We will continue to see what to do to safely escape if the car breaks off.

Suddenly, if you do not like the brake in the car, you have to avoid the first tension.

Next you need to alert the vehicle against the car’s headlights.

– Now cut the car’s speed and gradually bring the gear to the first gear and then drive the car slowly on the left side of the road.

– When the first gear arrives, the car’s hand brake should be slowly lifted and the car should try to slow down.

– Do not use the hand brake when the car goes faster, so if you do not have a hand brake cable.

– The only handheld brake that catches it when the car does not like the break. If it gets worse, the situation becomes worse.

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