Coming Soon: Micromax Smartphone With Infinity Display!


Micromax is currently making efforts to bring new technologies, according to which the Micromax smartphone will be released with Infinity Display. The Micromax Smartphone will be launched with the new Infiniti Display at the launch event on 22nd.

This smartphone has a 5.7-inch Infiniti Display, then known as 1080p resolution.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone has a curved glass Infinity display, as well as the Infiniti Display on this new Micromax smartphone. As for Micromax’s new smartphone, the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor has been reported and a number of new technologies are featured on the smartphone.

It is reported that the dual camera is in charge of Micromax’s new smartphone, and includes various link support. The Micromax Twitter page has been reported that the Evok Dual Note will be released shortly, and the camera system is said to be the most awesome.

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