Bride Dancing In Short Dress Youtube Hit


In North India, more than 12 lakh viewers have enjoyed the unveiling of a bride who celebrates her wedding.

In recent years, wedding photos and videos have been photographed with a married couple taking pictures and photos. In North India, this habit is increasing.
In this case, a bridal party recently posted a video. She is dressed up in the dressing room, wearing a short trouser and dancing with her friends. More than 12 lakh people have seen this video in YouTube.
Can a wedding girl dress up and dance? Is this a culture? Some people have commented and commented. But many stood in favor of the girl. The reason is the woman’s comment.
Weddings should be dressed like a toy, shy, laughing too quiet, and lawful that the parents should be tied to the wedding when they finish? Is happiness if it is for men only? Men are dancing happy? Why do not we dance? The girl has shown that she has released this video in order to break such ancient ideas.

கவர்ச்சி உடையில் மணமகள் போட்ட நடனம் இணையத்தில் வைரலாகும் வீடியோ

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